Weekly Update #08

Who said balance??? Oh wait I did!

To balance off the game we’ve added 3 more scripted waves. Also we’ve worked a bit on the other waves to better integrate with the new ones. More work is needed, but were keeping it up! Oh also we’ve made the demo a bit more balanced too!

New contents

So as I mentioned we have 3 new waves and a new powerup, the Advanced AI, a powerup that incerases your drones attack power!

We’re also working on a restock function for the chip shop, though it’ll still take some time to have it in the game.


A few items weren’t interacting correctly. We fixed the issues!

Patch Notes


The Laser didn’t correctly work with the Cheat Shell
The Machinegun max spread is now slightly wider
The Machinegun’s sound has been slightly lowered
The Geyser didn’t properly damage some enemies. problem fixed
Advanced AI added


The Missile Chip now has a slightly higher chance to fire missiles with weapons with a low fire rate

Enemies and bosses

3 new enemy waves
The small enemies in the 4th level have had their health slightly increased
All around balance of many waves
Warlock’s machinegun attack had a long downtime. shortened it a bit

Update discussion

Want to discuss the update with the devs or with other players?
There’s a forum just for you!


Are you a videogame journalist, a Steam Curator, a Youtuber or a Twitcher and you want to make a review/video of Black Paradox? We have a Distribute() and a Keymailer account! So contact us there!

How’d you like this new update? There’s new stuff as always, but also a lot of balance! But we have even more in store! See you next week!
Thanks for reading!


Sep 17, 2018
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Sep 17, 2018

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