Weekly Update #11

So it's friday again (and soon it'll be the weekend gladly!). We've got some new contents, a few bug fixing and are testing a possible new in game mechanic. If it works as intended we'll add it in the game soon, but let's keep it as a surprise feature for now.

New contents
We have 2 new powerups this week!
The Supersize Me is kind of the opposite of last week's Mini Me: it increases the player's size, but in doing so it will increases his HP and Attack.
The Shark Loan, on the other hand, makes you gain more money when you kill an enemy!

Patch Notes


  • Supersize Me has been added
  • Shark Loan has been added
  • Axysimmetric Solution can now be found multiple times, if collected twice it will revert the controls and work normally.
  • Tesla Drone has slightly increased accuracy
  • some of the rarest powerups have a slightly higher chance of appearing

Enemies and bosses

  • Reaper moves a bit faster


  • Added new kinetic particles to the enemy explosions
  • The cargo (the enemy dropping the weapon) now appears around 5 seconds sooner
  • When progressing to a new level the correct weapon will now be equipped


  • Solved a bug when disconnecting a controller while in the main menu
  • Game was freezing for a sec when using the Black paradox in the tutorial. Fixed
  • Laser and Railgun's audio was bugging out when SFX volume was low

Update discussion
Want to discuss the update with the devs or with other players?
There's a forum just for you!

Are you a videogame journalist, a Steam Curator, a Youtuber or a Twitcher and you want to make a review/video of Black Paradox? We have a Distribute() and a Keymailer account! So contact us there!

We're really hyped about the possible new feature, and one of our devs is hard at work to make it work, still it'll need to go through testing and approval before deciding if it will make it to the game or not. Cross your fingers everyone!
Thanks for reading!

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