Black Paradox blasts to console

Black Paradox has finally moved to the next step. Leaving Early Access and launching on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Ps4 the game has been greatly expanded with a lot of new features.

So what's new? Let's start with the "big stuff"

A new game mode has been added. Once players beat the game they'll unlock the "Darkness mode", essentially an extra hard boss rush. It won't be a simple boss rush though. Players will be playing in the "dark world" as the dark Black Paradox they normally summon with their ultimate move. The bosses will be a dark version too, with a lot more health and upgraded attack patterns. Beating them all will be a real challenge!

Next is the Chip Storage. Previously players could equip up to 4 chips at a time. When replacing an old one, this one was lost forever. This is no more. Now up to 9 can be stored in the player's storage to be able to experiment with different builds and discover new unexpected play styles. Also, to be able to better select the chips to buy we implemented a restock function  that lets players restock the chip shop for a small price.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the game's been localizzed in Italian, German, French, Spanish, Simplified Chinese and Russian, letting lots of players all over the world finally be able to enjoy the game in their native language.

Those aren’t the only additions/changes/tweaks to the game, here’s a full rundown of the updates you’ll find in the full version:

-Level presentation map
-Level unique backgrounds
-Chip storage system
-Chip restock system
-Darkness mode (unlocked by clearing the game)
-2 new power-up combos
-New enemy drop (in addition to health pick-ups, enemies also now drop a blue tank that charges your ultimate move by 20% when collected)
-Visual upgrade on bullets
-Visual upgrade on enemies
-Bug fixing
-Typo fixes
-New achievements
-UI upgrade
-Improved performances

So...Are you ready to save the galaxy? 

Watch the trailer:




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