Weekly Update #03

Update day again! Are you ready?

This week we've focused on adding a bit more content, balancing a bit and fixing a couple bugs.
As I mentioned before next week there won't be an update. 
We need some summer rest and will get back to updating the game in 2 weeks ;)

New contents

So we have a new weapon, a new Powerup and a new Drone! 
I won't spoil you the effects, just know they're all uncommon, so you might not find them right away.

The names are:
Weapon: Geyser
Powerup: Paradoxal Rage
Drone: What The Drone?

This time around we've buffed some of the less useful weapons, buffed a chip's effect and buffed a couple enemy waves that were underpowered and all around done some slight changes. I'll go into more detail into the Patch Notes.

Fixed some minor bugs. Again, read the Patch Notes for more info!

Patch Notes


  • Dodge chip's effect has been doubled. Now max dodge caps at 40% with all max level dodge chips. I'm thinking of maybe buffing it further if it's still not viable as a build.

  • Weapon Geyser added!
  • Item Paradoxal Rage added!
  • Drone "What the Drone?" added!
  • Granade Launcher's damage has been slightly increased.
  • Railgun's damage has been slightly increased.
  • Hedgehog's damage has been slightly decreased.
  • Tesla's bounce damage now decreases less per bounce (from 20% per bounce to 15%).
  • When firing a weapon that slows you down you can't rapid tap the button to avoid slowing down anymore. the slow down persists for a fraction of the recharge time.
  • Blade drone's damage has been increased and its collider is now slightly bigger, making it a more viable powerup.

Enemies and bosses

  • A few late game waves had long wait time between enemies. Made it a little shorter to avoid moments when there are no enemies.


  • Solved a bug that made background's elements not appear correctly when playing.
  • Some bosses had some sound effects that would get stuck. Still haven't found out what makes them get stuck, but forced the sound to shut down after a few seconds of getting stuck.

Update discussion
Want to discuss the update with the devs or with other players?
There's a forum just for you!

Are you a videogame journalist, a Steam Curator, a Youtuber or a Twitcher and you want to make a review/video of Black Paradox? We have a Distribute and a Keymailer account! So contact us there!

Hope this update adds a bit of juice to the game and unlocks new build options!
Thanks for reading!

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