Weekly Update #02

Friday is gonna be your favorite day! It’s update day!

Another thing you’re gonna love about Friday is our Mixtape, featuring part of the update contents and letting you listen to good synthwave music.

This time around our main focus was mostly on Backgrounds and balance, but we also have a new powerup joining the lineup!


The game only had so many backgrounds… Well we added more! there’s a whole new set of cool bagrounds that can appear in the game! Hope you like them and are looking forward to more in the future, since we’re adding more in a few updates!

New Powerup

The “Life Hack” is now available as a new powerup. I won’t spil the effect but let’s just say it’s pretty usefull… Hope to hear your opinions on it!


Our focus on balance was on weapons and chips this time around.
As far as weapons goes we buffed the darts punk and nerfed a few too powerful ones such as the laser and the hedgehog (I’ve personally seen players reach the last boss with just a couple chips and the hedgehog…).


Some minor bugs were fixed too! this time around the only big bug was really big and we had an hotfix mid week to fix it.

Patch Notes


  • Chip’s shop randomizer is now more likely to select stronger chips.
  • Triple shot chip change has been doubled. Now the max amount is 40% triple shot chance.
  • Rear Shot chip chance has been increased by 50%. Now the max amount is 60% rear shot chance.


  • Item Life Hack added!
  • Charge Shot now charges its effect faster.
  • Darts Punk now slows the players slightly less and has les delay from when the bullet is fired and when it takes off.
  • Tesla now deals more damage on the first hit, then decreases the damage on each bounce.
  • Laser damage has been nerfed.
  • Hedgehog has slightly longer cooldown.

Enemies and bosses

  • Enemies coming from the back of the player had their healt reduced.
  • Some enemies that come from behind used to stop too far on the left area and couldn’t be shot at. Now they stop slightly further.
  • Bosses now deal slightly more “contact damage” than regular enemies.
  • Warlock uses his rings attack only when lower than 50% health.
  • After shooting missiles Shadow waits less before its next attack.
  • The machinegun deals a bit more damages.


  • New backgrounds!
  • When starting a new level you no longer start with the base weapon - selected (still need to select the one you had, but for now it’s not the main one at least).
  • Music doesn’t bug anymore when fast pressing retry on gameover screen.
  • Main menu is now only controlled by player 1.
  • When a controller gets removed game will pause even with 2 controllers attached.
  • In Co-op mode when the first player dies there are less explosions as not to disturb the player left alive.
  • In Co-op mode the player pausing the game is the one controlling the pause menu.
  • If a controller gets disconnected the relative player will get keyboard controll assigned.

Update discussion

Want to discuss the update with the devs or with other players?
There’s a forum just for you!


Are you a videogame journalist, a Steam Curator, a Youtuber or a Twitcher and you want to make a review/video of Black Paradox? We have a Distribute and a Keymailer account! So contact us there!

Apparently Early Access discount only lasts for a week, as we promissed Black Paradox would be discounted for the whole duration of the Early Access we’re dropping the regular price to the same as the discounted one for all the EA duration. So you won’t see that beautiful -25% there, but it’s still 25% off the full price!

Hope this update makes the game more fun to play!
Thanks for reading!

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Hey Guys, love the game! Awesome everything! Fantastic musics. I was wondering if in future you plan to do a easy mode :)  I love shoot-em-up, yet find it super hard. 
Anyway, great work!!