Bicycle escape in Peculiar Stuff’s woods

This week we’ve been working of developing a first version of Landflix’s 1st world second level. The level will have runner mechanics where Larry will have to ride a bicycle to escape the Army. Please note that the gifs are based on a level draft, that still need refining

Other than the classical jump that’s present in any runner, we gave Larry the abbility to charge and tackle enemies. this has 2 effects, to be able to defeat enemies and to crouch to pass under low obstacles. Also if you look attentivelly, the Army Hummer stops following the player every time a wall stops it in its track.

And when the road’s clear the Hummer jumps immediatelly back into action! Larry can also jump on enemies and use them to jump further than normal.

The level will present quite a bit of challenge. we don’t want to make it hardcore, but as every error can be fatal it definitelly won’t be easy either!

Jumping on enemies head and crouch-charging will be key to completing this level.

The Hummer jumping on top of the platform wasn’t planned, it was a mistake due to bad tile placing, but we loved the effect, so we are considering adding it to all the platforms.

Well….. this wasn’t supposed to happen… and this is why we said this is a first draft hahaha. The Hummer somersaulted and just didn’t give a flying fuck!!!

Also the player misteriously died to…. nothing? That’s programming wonders folks! So this is it for this week’d update, hear you next week 

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