Getting beaten by the ninjas!

These last few days we've been working on making our ninja enemies as Ninjaish as possible. We ended up with 3 types of ninja, each specialised in a different deadly combat style! The first is the Shuriken ninja, a master of long range attacks. The second is an expert with the Bo Staff, who's attack pattern relies on his ninjutsu to hit hard on his unaware target! The third and last one is a Katana master. His focus will be on speed, once ready he'll release a really fast !Iai" to strike down his enemies!

Here's the Bo Staff expert at work. Once his target is confirmed he'll proceed to use his ninjutsu to disappear into thin air! The poor Larry won't even be able to see the hit coming. Is there any way to defeat such an enemy?

Of course there is! By using his petrification powers Larry renders his enemy sneak attack useless and proceed to attack him when he has just reappeared and isn't expecting an attack!

The Katana master is even more vicious! Once in "Iai" pose he'll struck anything in his attack range! he really looks invincible!

Timing is even more important with this fast enemy. He'll totally not expect a counter, no one has survived his attacks before after all!

The Shuriken ninja will unleash timed flurry of long range attacks at larry. The attack range and the short time between flurries will make it hard to use the petrification alone to beat this enemy.

But if paired with good dodging skills Larry will be able to petrify directly in front of his enemy, and strike as soon as he goes back to normal!

So what do you guys think of this set of ninjas? Are they real ninja masters or do they need to go back to ninja school for some extra training?

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