Larry and Daeneris riding a dragon, Shoot 'em up level

So, We've finished working on the mechanics for our Shoot 'm up level, the fourth level in the Elder Thrones world. Just yesterday we added the big bat monster as we wanted to have a more challenging enemy in the cast :) So the enemies we have right now are from the right: 1) baloon with bomb. It'll be a simple obstacle ;
2) flying crows. they'll move along paths or charge directly at the player when he gets close;
3) purple harpy. the purple harpy will have mostly straight, charged or accellerated movements;
4) blue harpies are the one moving around a lot, making curves, coming from unexpected places and being a pain for the player :)
5) the red harpy shootsmany kinf of bullets and often targets directly at the player;

6) The big bat will shoot big waves of bullets, he'll be the Hell in "bullet hell", also he'll be pretty sturdy.

We've also started making a first draft of the level itself. In this gif you can see both blue and red harpies mechanics.

The player will also have to be carefull at arrows and ballista shots fired at him from below.

After collecting a beer you'll be able to make the dragon he rides shoot a huge fire ray that will immediately kill any monster it hits.

Here's an example of one of the cool attacks the big bats are capable of, of course this is just one of many examples :)

So, how do you like the work on this level up to now? We're still building the level and would love feedbacks on what seems cool and on what could be better. let us know :)

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