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Funtasia is a 2D racing game where furry animals in crazy vehicles have to clean their planet by defeating terrible garbage monsters. Tons of tracks awaiting you. Play alone or with your friends to get to the finish, or challenge them in ridiculous speed races.


Story Mode

10 Kingdoms to be cleaned up from the garbage and 10 terrible monsters to defeat.

Boss Fight

At the end of each track, you will have to face a terrible boss, using only the power of love for nature.

Local co-op

You can challenge your friends at 3 competitive or cooperative game modes, up to 4 players simultaneously.

Online Multiplayer

In Racing Online mode you can compete against other players from all over the world. There will be seasons with global rankings and unique prizes.

Development log


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I'm working on a video for this, i love it so far. But I need to know...can we have the playlist? I can't get some of these out of my head lmao


You can download some of the songs in the game here:



you rock !

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Thanks for your support!
I'm glad that you like it! :-)


Awesome game! Lil Beef had to admit he liked it. Great art and creativity. Controls well too. How do we shoot the monster during the boss fight??

Hi @beefGravyStudios,
thanks for your kindly words :-)

I'm glad that you like our game.

Collect "power of love" tokens during the boss fight to shoot the monster.
The car will shoot automatically every 2 tokens collected.


Thank you!

You are welcome! ;-)

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so cool


I'm really happy to see that you like our game :-)