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It'd be nice if the controls weren't as bad as the Atari Flashack 8, which is the single most annoying system out there. However, I think i just found its competitor.

Game incrível e viciante !!!
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This is great. The first Stranger Things level was the perfect difficulty, and I was at the edge of my seat the whole time. Looking forward to seeing how other shows are reinterpreted into platformers.

However, I found the controls for keyboard to be somewhat frustrating, especially since it only shows the controller controls.

please finish!!!!!!!




We are trying to contact Netflix, but it's very hard!

We need help with the kickstarter, it's the last week. Spread the word!

Found the character controlled a little on the heavy side (all the beer?) but otherwise a good little platformer.

Thanks for the video!

We need help with the kickstarter, it's the last week. Spread the word!

we played this game on a live stream the 3rd game game we play.  ^-^  very cute.  very fun.


We need help with the kickstarter, it's the last week. Spread the word!

And congratulations for the collection!!!

This game is very entertaining and fantastic! I like it!

We need help with the kickstarter, it's the last week. Spread the word!

I had a quick play and I really liked. I did a short video. I will return to this tonight and do a longer video.

Keep up the great work.

We need help with the kickstarter, it's the last week. Spread the word!

this game is hard but fantastique! congratulation ! i love it!

Thanks Matt!

This is a great game, really fun.

Thanks! The kickstarter is about to end, talk around!

 Landflix is funny pixel game i love pixel games 

Thanks clever.

The kickstarter is about to end, spread the word.!

This game is awesome! I posted this to Gamejolt as well, but wanted to put it here (seems better for you guys to see it). I wish you all the best and I hope this game makes it through it's kickstarter!

Hey guys this a fun game that I recommend you give a try, I liked playing with a a controller instead of a mouse and keyboard. Here's the link to my video on the game!!

Loving the game so far, it's a lot of fun. The music is really good so far. I've only had a couple problems with the game. Like the platforms that disappear after a while don't seem to be behaving correctly. Sometimes if I just get very close to landing, but don't actually land, it goes away. Another is maybe  a slight lag between jumping and the actual movement of it. Several times if I tried jumping at a last second spot, even tho the animation looked like it started, i'd still fall from the flipping platforms. Anyways I still had a lot of fun. I hope you enjoy the video! 

So, episode 2. I still really love the premise behind the game and for that you have my support. But the more I play the game the less I want to play more, this is probably just due to my taste in games. i found myself wishing there was more emphasis on combat or puzzles, neither of which are this game's focus. The timed sections are what got to me.

Thanks CoalFire!

Great video, it will be very useful!

Very cool concept.

Thanks DrMonkeystein!

If you like Landflix support us on Thunderclap, it's free and very useful for us!

Really thanks.

I was literally your 100th supporter. I'm probably good luck. Hope it works out for you guys.

I know this game is going to go far. The best and, most funny platformer i've played!

Thanks Raithias!

We are working hard!!

Support us on thunderclap, it's free: landflix-odyssey-big-launch

Or on kickstarter:


doesnt let me download


Hi, try here (Win/Mac):

A parody of Ricky and Morty would be fun :D

Hi Charle!  ;)

Rick will probably arrive with the first free DLC! We would like to release a free mini DLC every year with new series or new episodes!

Cool !!!

more levels please!

Hi Zini. I'm glad you like Landflix. At this moment we are all committed to the kickstarter. By participating at the kickstarter you can have access to the closed beta by Steam, as soon as available!

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Hi Indiependent, thanks for the video!

We will use it to improve level design.

Awesome premise and game you've got going on here! I. also, was not expecting it to be so hard on the fist level, but no real complaints there. Sadly I don't watch Stranger Things or GoT so the demo references are gonna go right over my head. The mechanics seem pretty sold overall, but could use some fine tuning here and there, my thoughts are a lot more detailed in and at the end of the video. Best of luck on your Kickstarter!

Hi CoalFire, thanks for the video! It's really cool and useful.

We are working hard on level design and difficulty balancing and we think your tips will be a big help.

Can we ask you to make a video of the secondo world too?

We'd really love to get your feedback on it!


I was planning on it! The video will be out tomorrow!


Today we're streaming live from our studio. if you're curious of having a look at Fantastico Studio  subscribe on Kickstarter.

Fun Demo, can't wait to see the finished game!

Game has great potential! Backed it on Kickstarter ;)