2d Physics

Let’s talk about game physics today.

We’ve given the game a realistic game physic to make it funnier.

Still there were some problems of course since the game is in 2D.
The vehicles start with traction only on the rear wheel, and get front traction only by powering up.
This created situations where the vehicle would go nose up too easily and make it hard to control.

We tried many solutions to try and resolve the problem, but in the end only one worked: pushing the nose up wheel directly back on the floor.
To do this we applied a force on the wheel perpendicular to the vehicle toward the floor, but only if the other wheels was touching the ground.

This way if one wheels is on the ground while the other isn’t this ghost force tries to re establish the balance. In the end it worked pretty great and the game is now playable and fun.
The force isn’t to strong, so doing wheelies is still doable and the player has control over his car.

What do you think of the way we solved the problem? Have you met similar problems? Would you have solved it in a different way?

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